Valued Clients & Works – an excerpt:

Hotel Hubertushof

  • Website
  • Graphic Design support & fine tuning  Hotel brochure
  • Email- & Signatures Design
  • Newsletter
  • Communication with LOC-Method (Level of Consciousness-Method) for the website, newsletter, emails, Hotel brochures, Booking.com entries, Tourism boardm Stuben Eintrag etc.
  • Strategy for Spring-Sking
  • Hotel Photography: Rooms, Suites, Wellness etc.
  • Video slider for package deals
  • Musical Composition for the website, several video
  • Canvas on Strecher Frame for the rooms and the Hotel lobby
  • Big Poster Designs


  • Website Wellness & Events
  • Ideas brochures & Photography title page
  • Newsletter System & Campaigns
  • Design Letter cards, Business cards swimming area
  • Photography: Wellness & Event locations Outdoors and Indoors etc.
  • Creation video sliders
  • Training courses Website CMS, Photo editing etc.

Intuitive piano music 

Fotografie Ambiente, Tourismus  & People

Accompaniment Chants, Mantras & healing songs

Photo Products Landscapes · Details · Words/Inspirations · B&W